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Prescription Eye Drops

Prescription Eye Drops

With such a wide variety of eye drops available from your chemist, and in store, why do you need Prescription eye drops?

Prescription eye drops are typically much stronger then those available from a chemist. They can contain ingredients are unsafe to use without the diagnosis of a trained professional.

You may need Prescription eye drops for certain conditions – for example glaucoma, which is much more serious then pink eye or conjunctivitis, and is best checked by a doctor.

If you have dry/itchy eyes, have tried over-the-counter eye drops, and have had little success, it may then be time to visit your doctor who can decide what is best. Most eye drops available to the general public typically say that the treatment should only be tried for a week and if symptoms have not improved to discontinue use, and seek the advice of a medical professional.

You should be aware that Prescription eye drops are only available under a prescription for a reason. It is very easy in today’s online pharmacy prescription medicines available online society to think that any drops/drops that we desire can simply be purchased and tried. Prescription drugs contain ingredients that have much more server potential side-effects and active ingredients that if misused and not matched correctly to the symptoms and individual could be dangerous.

Another common problem when people self diagnose and order Prescription eye drops online is that they continue to take the treatment much longer then a doctor would recommend. If symptoms have not cleared after a certain time, a doctor would ask you to go back to see him/her again. If you have purchased eye drops at home, that option is not available, and in most cases, the individual will just continue to use the drops for much longer then recommended. This could have serious implications.
Remember that your eyesight is very important, never consider purchasing Prescription eye drops, and always read the instructions inside the box.

If you have tried over-the-counter treatments and they are not helping – seek medical advice.

If you are taking Prescription eye drops or over-the-counter eye drops and have symptoms that are not expected or prolonged itching/burning – seek medical advice.