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Natural Eye Drops

Natural Eye Drops

Natural eye drops are designed to relive the symptoms of dry eyes. They are natural because they contain no hash chemicals or drugs.

Some natural eye drops contain herbs or natural plant extracts to help moisten the eyes. Some brands claim to contain 17 herbal extracts used for decades in eye care  – proven to help relive symptoms. Other brands simply contain single extracts such as Chamomile.

Many natural eye drops also contain vitamins such as vitamin A, which claim to help actually improve the surface/tissue of the eye.

A apart from natural eye drops, a better diet could also help improve your dry eyes. Sugars, dairy products, artificial sweeteners, are all allegedly responsible for causing dry / red eyes.

Natural eye drops are a great way to relive the symptoms of dry eyes, but if you believe you have pink eye or Conjunctivitis it is better to use antibacterial eye drops to get the condition cleared up as quick as possible.