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Gentamicin Eye Drops

Gentamicin Eye Drops

Gentamicin eye drops or Genticin eye drops are specifically designed to treat bacterial infections of the eye.

They are an antibacterial eye drop, available only with a prescription from your doctor.

These drops treat bacterial infections such as Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis.

When diagnosed with this condition, it is important to not rub your eyes – as this could cause spreading to an uninfected eye. You should also not share towels. Make sure to wash your hands often – with soap and water.

gentamicin eye drops are typically applied every 4 to 8 hours.

Apart from gentamicin eye drops, there is also gentamicin eye ointment available. Some people find this easier to apply then eye drops.

As this treatment is only available from your GP – you will have to make an appointment if you believe this is the treatment that you want. Although your doctor will still decide what is best for your symptoms.

If you have Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis and do not have time to visit  your doctor, do not buy gentamicin eye drops online without a prescription, instead consider another type of eye drops – “Optrex infected eyes” are an over-the-counter eye drops that contain the active ingredient: Chloramphenicol – an antibiotic. These drops have been shown to be as effective as prescription drops.