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Eye Stye Treatment

Eye styes are Annoying! But they can also be avoided (in some instances).

A stye is caused by a blocked up oil gland. One of the most common causes of a stye is a gland being blocked by eye makeup – so make sure you really get it off before going to bed.

Other causes include rubbing your eyes – this can block your oil glands. Sharing towels and face cloths can also spread the bacterial infection that causes a stye. Poor nutrition – and lack of hygiene. These should also be easy enough to avoid – so do it.

If you are unlucky enough to get a stye – the treatment depends on the seriousness, and if any complications occur.

For the most part – a cotton bud with a dilute amount of baby shampoo and tap water, gently cleaning a closed eye will be enough to cure the stye.
If the stye is severe or causing you a high amount of distress – a visit to the doctors may result in a cause of antibiotics. These oral pills will clear it up in no time.

In very rare cases, a stye may need to be removed with surgery – this is only done as a last resort – when all other treatments haven’t worked – and then only if the stye is causing problems with the patients vision.