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Eye Drops For Dry Eyes

Eye Drops For Dry Eyes

There is a wide range of eye drops for dry eyes. More and more people are complaining of dry eyes every year – and this is mainly because of our modern lifestyles and living conditions.

Some of the main causes for dry eyes are:

• Central heating.
• Air conditioning.
• Strong airflow – car air vents / fans, windy conditions.
• Little blinking- caused by watching TV / pc / starring.

As you can see the above are all mainly caused by our modern lifestyles. Other causes for dry eyes also include – illness, certain medication, and less tears in the eyes caused by aging.

eye drops for dry eyes work by keeping the eye moist and are almost “artificial tears”

Warning! Many eye drops for dry eyes contain benzalkonium hexachloride – prolonged usage may damage your eyes. If you suffer from dry eyes a lot, always insure that that the brand does not contain benzalkonium hexachloride, or find a band labeled ‘preservative-free’