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Eye Drops For Dogs

Although this site is about eye drops – it mainly focuses on eye drops for humans, the conditions, symptoms and treatments.

However, it is surprising how many people have emailed to ask about using eye drops made for humans on their pet dogs.

Having never heard of this – a quick look on the internet revealed the main reason why people are looking into using human eye drops for dogs is that dog eye drops are very expensive.
Firstly, dog’s eyes are VERY different to our own – How many of you knew that a dog has a 3rd eyelid? This special eye lid is used to sweep across the eye – removing dirt, dust, etc. It helps keep the dogs’ eye clean and moist.

Just like chocolate is fine for humans – and deadly for dogs – you shouldn’t use eye drops intended for people on dogs!
A veterinarian is specially trained in treating – and importantly diagnosing problems with animals.

Many people may look at a dog and see it has pinky eyes – and think it may have conjunctivitis – when in reality, if the eye condition is causing discomfort for your dog – you should take it to the vet for a real diagnosis.

Always have pet insurance to help with problems like this which may arise over a dog’s lifetime. For just a few cents a day – worrying about expensive eye drops for your dog will be a thing of the past.