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Dry Eye Drops

Dry Eye Drops

Dry eyes are a typical name given to any eye condition that includes eye irritation, eyes feeling dry, gritty, slight blurry vision, eyes hurting in bright light, and if you wear contact lens, they may start becoming uncomfortable. If however, your eyes are red / bloodshot, it is more likely you have another eye problem – such as Pink Eye / Conjunctivitis.

Dry eye drops are designed to ease and relieve the above symptoms, and depending on the brand, the treatment usually is to simply provide “artificial tears” to sooth, lubricate and moisten the eyes using a range of herbs, natural remedies or chemicals.

As there is such a large range of dry eye drops, it is worth finding a brand or product that you like. If the eye drops you purchase contain benzalkonium hexachloride – They should only be used for a limited time, as specified on the bottle. If you are a long sufferer of dry eyes due to your work – eye strain from prolonged starring at a monitor, or your environment, air conditioning, central heating. It may be wise to find a product that is very mild and can be used without damaging the eyes. Try to find a eye drops for regularly use.