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Cause Of Pink Eye

You can get pink eye for a number of reasons. Let’s have a look at some of the things that can case pink eye – and what you can do about it.

Allergies – Yep, hay fever, dust, pets, you name it – if you have an allergy, you can get pink eye from it. This is a very common cause of pink eye, and luckily, it’s easily treatable – Sometimes anti-allergy treatments relive the symptoms, so if you take pills for your hay fever – they may also clear up your pink eye.

Substance in the eye – if you get something in your eye, such as dirt, or a liquid you should – this can cause your eyes to become sore and red/pink. Depending on what you got in your eye- the best advice is to get it out as quick as possible – if it’s just dirt or dust, an eye bath can help soothe your eyes fast. If it’s soap or shampoo, use clean water – always read the bottle to see what they recommend.

If you get a chemical in your eye – at work, or at home – it is very important to know the correct treatment –as it is very easy to make the problem worse. Always know the correct procedures before using chemicals. Know what equipment you should be using to protect your eyes, and what to do if an accident happens.

Other causes of pink eye are Viral and Bacterial. The correct name for pink eye is Conjunctivitis – and viral and Bacterial Conjunctivitis can be treated with the correct drops.