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Carnosine Eye Drops

Carnosine Eye Drops

Carnosine eye drops can help Soothe and Rejuvenate tired eyes. They are available without prescription and are a natural way of helping the symptoms of dry eyes.

Carnosine eye drops are sold as eye lubrication drops, but recently the eye drops have become a “buzz” word, with certain people claiming to have cured problems such as cataracts with the drops.

The active ingredient – N-Acetyl Carnosine, has been used in eastern medicine for years as a treatment for cataracts, with claims that the condition is cleared within months – without the need of a cataracts operation.

L-carnosine is an amino acid that is claimed to have the capability of slowing the ageing process of cells that causes to cataracts.

L-carnosine is however, not clinically shown to be effective or safe to be used in the eye – that is N-Acetyl-Carnosine (NAC).

Certain claims state that using carnosine eye drops (NAC) have an almost 100% success rate – if the drops are used correctly over 3 to 6 months.

Carnosine eye drops are much more expensive then your typical eye drops, but if the claims of the media, and others are true – they could be much more cost effective then a cataracts operation.

It should be said that the medical community has stated that not enough trails or tests have been carried out to show that carnosine should be recommend as a treatment.

Despite this, and although no study has been carried out to find out if carnosine eye drops are a cure for cataracts – many people are still willing to try.