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Blue Eye Drops

Blue Eye Drops

Blue eye drops are actually a type of eye drop, not designed to help ease a problem, or relieve any symptoms of a condition, but are specifically created to make the “whites” of your eye clearer – free from red, to give the effect that your eyes are “brighter”.

Blue eye drops, despite the name, are used by people with any eye color.

The eye drops contain chemicals such as naphazoline hydrochloride to make the whiteness of the sclera (the “white parts of your eye) seem more clear.

Results of using blue eye drops are overall positive, with many people being happy with the results. Always read the label, and never use the drops more then is recommended.

How do blue eye drops work?

Most blue eye drops work by using a chemical called: naphazoline hydrochloride. This drug tightens the blood vessels in the eye, with less visible veins, your eyes look whiter.

Other brands of blue eye drops contain very mild blue dyes. The opposite spectrum colour of the dye hides the yellow tint of the sclera  and veins.

Note: No blue eye drops or bright eye drops actually make your iris (the colored part of your eye) brighter. All of the blue eye drop products work in either one of the ways above, simply making the “whites” look whiter. This in theory makes the iris stand out more.

As these drops are typically used in healthy eyes, just to improve the overall look of the eye – making your eyes “bright and sparkly”, they should be used in moderation. Special occasions such as parties, photo shoots, and other occasions are usually recommend on the product descriptions. It is unwise to disturb the natural balance of your eyes for no necessary reason.