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Bacterial Conjunctivitis

Most people know they have Conjunctivitis when they have pink eyes, a dry scratchy feeling, - or maybe the feeling that there is grit or sand in the eye. Sometimes you may also have a yellowy gray discharge from the eye.

These are the symptoms of conjunctivitis. The cause – bacteria. There are other causes. But this article is going to look at Bacterial Conjunctivitis.

Bacterial Conjunctivitis usually only affects one eye. This can be spread to the other by touching your eye, or reusing towels – so keep your hands away from your face, and your hygiene high.

Luckily, unlike viral conjunctivitis – there are antibacterial eye drops which can help treat the problem.

These eye drops will clear up the conjunctivitis and depending on where you live – the treatment may be available over the counter, however, in most countries, to get the antibiotic eye drops, you will have to see your GP.