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Antibiotic Eye Drops Over The Counter

It is now possible to cure yourself of pink eye – or conjunctivitis without that trip to see your doctor – and without the waiting for the prescription. You can skip all that, and head straight down to the pharmacy and get yourself some prescription strength drops.

Obviously – if the symptoms do not clear after the treatment, or you are not sure what’s wrong with your eyes – do not hang about! Get to the docs and get sorted. Always read instructions – and be sensible.

When people are looking for antibiotic eye drops over the counter – they typically want a product that is as good as the drops they would get if they’d gone to the doctors. The product you are looking for is called "Chloramphenicol" – or at least, that is one of the ingredients you want in your eye drops.

Optrex infected eyes is the main brand in the uk for over the counter eye drops with Chloramphenicol, although other generic brands are available.

After a bit of research – we couldn’t find any brands of eye drops in the USA that contain Chloramphenicol – so it may still be prescription only in the states. (Please let us know if/when this changes!)
We did however find that certain medical professionals are worried about the availability of prescription strength eye drops over the counter. They claim that despite freeing up doctors time from trivial problems like conjunctivitis, so many people are simply buying the drops – that it could lead to a drug resistance. Use sparingly and only when necessary is the message here.