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Allergy Eye Drops

Allergy Eye Drops

Hey fever is the most common allergic reaction in the world. It is caused by pollen and other airborne particles getting into your sinuses, lungs, symptoms of hey fever can make it unbearable when the “pollen count” is high. Fortunately, allergy eye drops can help reduce the symptoms, at least for your eyes.

If you know you suffer from hey fever, you will most likely know the symptoms; however it is always worth checking:

  • Allergy symptoms are red.
  • Blbous, sore and running eyes.
  • Your vision will NOT be affected, and both eyes are still reacting correctly.
  • You will also have the other symptoms associated to hey fever (runny nose, etc).

Other allergy eye drops are available for dust allergies and pets, some brands cover all three allergy symptoms in one bottle.

The active ingredients in allergy eye drops vary: some treat the symptoms by blocking the allergic response of the body. Some contain anti-inflammatory (such as Sodium cromoglycate). It will be a case of trial and error to find the drops that work best for the individual. It might be worth asking friends/family, or even investigating online discussion boards to see what others think of different brands and types of eye drops.